Granite City Kennel Club

of St Cloud, MN

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Past Winners of Granite City Kennel Club Events


Best In Show, 1999, First Show               BIS99-1.jpg (26768 bytes)       

Best In Show,1999, Second Show        BIS99-2.jpg (27727 bytes)                   

Best, Challenge Of Champions, 1999 CoC99.jpg (22525 bytes)                   

(Formerly known as the Granite City Kennel Club Field of Champions)

Best In Show, 1998, First Show               BIS98-1.jpg (21234 bytes)

Best In Show, 1998, Second Show        BIS98-2.jpg (29231 bytes) 

Best, Challenge Of Champions 1998    CoC98.jpg (24270 bytes) 

Best In Show, 1997, First Show                BIS97-1.jpg (23451 bytes)                       

Best In Show, 1997, Second Show         BIS97-2.jpg (19530 bytes)           

Best In Show, 1996                                    BIS96.jpg (24596 bytes)

Best In Show, 1995                                      BIS95.jpg (28647 bytes)               


Other recent events.....

Seminar "Structure" by Bev Capstick     BevCap1.jpg (9729 bytes)                                                      






















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